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ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention [170 pages eBook] by Dr. Charles Parker
Part Number eProd-DrParker-ADHDRules
ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention  [170 pages eBook]  by Dr. Charles Parker
ADHD Medication Rules - eBook Cover
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ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention [170 pages eBook - PDF]
by Dr. Charles Parker
When You Order 'Rules' Watch For The Link To Download Your PDF Copy - It Will Be On The Confirmatory Email
After many, many years of reworking these concepts and specific medication strategies these ADHD Medication Rules are, very simply, game changing tactics to correct the mess that currently exists using stimulant meds to treat ADHD throughout the country.

So what's the big problem? The problem is at once simple and complex:

The simple: We are treating thinking - without thinking about thinking!

The complex: New brain science is overlooked, meds are used capriciously, and dangerous outcomes occur everyday... on top of the simple fact that literally thousands of folks are simply not treated or diagnosed correctly - leaving them frustrated with the medical system and the ADHD diagnosis in the first place.

But finger pointing is not my theme, teamwork is. The last chapter details specifics on how to work with your doc. The problem lies not with "the system," but with the new medical facts. The solution is about working together more effectively - in the context of new brain and body science. But be forewarned: many don't know about these new initiatives because the science is so far ahead of everyday practice.

I am but one of the many docs who didn't understand the practice points detailed in Rules - even though I have worked for years learning and teaching the psychopharmacology nationally - and then chasing down neuroscience evidence for ADHD with SPECT brain imaging. 

The science has just blown past us, and now it's time to retrench with the basics rather than living in the cloud of imprecision associated with the current diagnostic codes and the amorphous treatment strategies based upon those superficial appearances.

This book is for patients, - and professionals will also appreciate the common sense approach to logical next steps in the evolution of treatment for ADHD. I am completely against polarized thinking, do not take the position "I am right and you are wrong," but rather seek to correctly evolve the treatment process for the millions who seek the best ADHD care. Rules is about making "best practices" better, not creating new polemics. Improved, precise strategies will result in more predictable outcomes.
Why waste more time and money repeating the same counterproductive ADHD medication strategies that simply don't work as you would think they should?

Rules will improve your overall ADHD understanding of all the details, including the most important issues of diagnostic targets and medication specificity.

Let's pay attention by paying attention to these new ADHD Medication Rules, and think more carefully, more specifically about thinking. The subsequent stimulant medication results will render a more positive prognosis.

The Guarantee: And if you don't think Rules significantly contributes to your treatment protocols through an improved understanding of ADHD, you can ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

Become a part of the community that understands what's going on with new insights into ADHD and applied neuroscience. Last time I checked the mind was connected with the body.

See this press release for more ADHD Rules details:

If you would like to become an affiliate to help encourage reading ADHD Ruleshttp://bit.ly/rulesafil

See you in the ADHD Rules Book!

PS: Please drop a comment here to let others know about your reaction to ADHD Medication Rules:

PPS: You will need Adobe Reader - a free download at:

Remember: Once you click through to purchase the ebook, you will receive an email with a link and download instructions.
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